About Sexton Biotechnologies


The Sexton Story

To be of service to life is a calling of the highest order.

Sexton Biotechnologies exists to be a service to those creating cell and gene therapies that will save and improve the lives of our patients. Stemming from the Medieval Latin, the Sexton was to be wise, humble, and committed to serving the needs of their community. Our products, which include Human Platelet Lysate to improve cell performance, cryogenic CellSeal Vials, and automated filling systems including the AF-500 and Signata CT-5 perform to both protect and enhance the innovative work being done in labs across the world to accelerate the path toward clinical success and provide a better life for our patients.

The History of Sexton

Sexton Biotechnologies was formerly part of Cook Regentec, an incubator-accelerator located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over the past five years we have researched and developed a full portfolio of cell processing and handling tools along with industry-standard human platelet lysate. Our products are currently being used by a variety of industry professionals across the world.