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The Sexton Story

Sexton Biotechnologies, part of BioLife Solutions Inc., exists to be a service to those creating cell and gene therapies that will save and improve the lives of patients. Stemming from the Medieval Latin, the Sexton is humble, and committed to serving the needs of their community. Our products, which include the Signata platform, CellSeal cryogenic vials, and industry-leading human platelet lysates, all perform to improve the cell and gene manufacturing process and enhance the probability of successful therapies.


Taylor Bate

Process Specialist

Jeff Enneking

Operations Specialist

Jay Gilliland

Operations Specialist

Dusty Howe

Marketing Manager

Amy Kha

Business Development Manager

Lindsay Newton

Vice President of Operations

Mike Pallotta

Director of Engineering

Prashant Patel

Operations Manager

Jonathan Person

Process Scientist

Adam Shields

Product Development Scientist

Steven Thompson

Vice President of Sales and Product Management

Vicky Tran

Business Development Manager

Sean Werner


Mallory Wessel

Customer Success and Quality Systems Manager

Monica Wight

Business Development Manager