Automated Thawing System



Thawer product shot

Voltage: 90-240V AC

Dimensions (WxDxH): 80 x 80 x 100mm

Weight: 600g

Controlled thawing in lab environments

The CellSeal Vial Thawing System (ATS) combines controlled thawing for use in research laboratory environments. Live readouts indicate the progress of thawing, alerting the user once the thaw cycle is completed.

The system is designed to reliably and consistently thaw a wide range of fill volume.

  • Uses a dry thawing method to prevent potential contamination from conventional water baths.
  • Thaws from storage temperatures of -196°C, -80°C, or -20°C
  • The system will sound an alert if material exceeds pre-set temperature at thaw start.

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise noted, CellSeal products are intended for laboratory research, bioprocessing, or manufacturing use only. Any use for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or in the production of therapeutic product(s) or vaccine(s) may require advance regulatory review or approval. Determining the need for and seeking regulatory approval is the sole responsibility of the CellSeal product user. Sexton Biotechnologies will provide support in the form of testing data or Master File cross reference authorization as available and upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us.