CellSeal® AF-500™ Automated Fill and Seal System

CellSeal® AF-500TM Automated Fill and Seal System

Moving from concept to commercialization, the CellSeal AF-500 delivers the automation difference in a precision engineered, GMP compatible, fill-finish system.

  • Automated filling and sealing of vials (ten 2 mL or 5 mL vials per set)
  • Fills and seals 500 CellSeal vials in 90 minutes
  • Transfers source material through needleless Luer fittings on the nozzle and the vials
  • Customizable vial fill volume
  • Filling accuracy is >99% for fill volumes from 0.8 mL to 5 mL

Data collection

  • Multiple password controlled user levels
  • Automatically generated batch records
  • Up to 60 programmable parameters to optimize fill process
  • Temperature of your source material may also be recorded

Fill System dimensions: 117.5 cm wide x 50.7 cm high x 50 cm deep

Electronic control cabinet dimensions: 60 cm wide x 45.1 cm high x 21 cm deep

Fill System weight: 95 kgs

Electrical cabinet weight: 30 kgs

Electricity: (108-125/220-245 VAC 50/60 Hz)

For use in biosafety cabinets or isolators

Compatible with vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization

Connection Kit

Description Quantity Per Package RPN
Transfer kit 1 per package TK-500


Description Quantity Per Box RPN
2 mL Needleless 10Set 10 packs of 10 vials CSV-047-10SET
5 mL Needleless 10Set 10 packs of 10 vials CSV-049-10SET

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise noted, CellSeal products are intended for laboratory research, bioprocessing, or manufacturing use only. Any use for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or in the production of therapeutic product(s) or vaccine(s) may require advance regulatory review or approval. Determining the need for and seeking regulatory approval is the sole responsibility of the CellSeal product user. Cook Regentec will provide support in the form of testing data or Master File cross reference authorization as available and upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us