Cryogenic Vials for Cryovial Cell Storage



CellSeal Closed-System Cryogenic Vials

These unique patented vials for cryogenic storage and recovery offer complete closed-system protection from environmental contaminants. 

The difference is in its unique design. CellSeal cryogenic vials are created from USP class VI materials chosen for their chemical resistance, extreme durability under true cryogenic temperatures, and maximum cell recovery rates.

With the patented CellSeal cryogenic vial design, contaminant risks are reduced and you gain a level of control, from early stage product concepts through commercialization, that your therapy and testing protocols demand.

  • Cryogenic Vials can be safely handled when frozen
  • Designed for extreme temperature conditions
  • Closed-system design prevents sample leakage
  • Microbial barrier vent for filling and withdrawal at atmospheric pressure
  • Conically-shaped retrieval port for maximum sample recovery
  • 2ml and 5ml vials available
  • Loading ports configured for syringes, pipettes, or needleless Luer fittings
  • USP Class VI compliant materials
  • Certificate of Compliance per lot provided with each purchase. 
  • U.S. Patents US8936905, US9565854, US8709797, and US9877475


Individual Vials

Description Vials Per Package RPN
2 mL Needleless Barbed 25 CSV-046
5 mL Needleless Barbed 10 CSV-048
2 mL Clear Access 4 CSV-051-4
5 mL Clear Access 4 CSV-052-4


Description Quantity Per Box RPN
2 mL Needleless 10Set  10 packs of 10 vials CSV-047-10SET
5 mL Needleless 10Set 10 packs of 10 vials CSV-049-10SET

DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise noted, CellSeal products are intended for laboratory research, bioprocessing, or manufacturing use only. Any use for diagnostic purposes, direct transfusion, or in the production of therapeutic product(s) or vaccine(s) may require advance regulatory review or approval. Determining the need for and seeking regulatory approval is the sole responsibility of the CellSeal product user. Sexton Biotechnologies will provide support in the form of testing data or Master File cross reference authorization as available and upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us.