CellSeal® Accessories

Storage Boxes

The perfect home for your vials

  • Organize and store your vials with our storage boxes made specifically for CellSeal® vials
  • Includes two removable stands that keep vials upright during filling or handling

Stainless Steel Freezer Racks

Stay organized

  • Our freezer racks hold four storage boxes to help everything in one place
Sexton Snap-On Vial Markers

Snap-on Vial Markers

Color code your vials

  • Differentiate your vials at a glance with colored snap-on vial markers

Snap-On Vial Markers

ColorQuantity Per PackageRPN
Green 100CSS-060
Blue 100 CSS-061
Red 100CSS-062
Orange 100CSS-063
Yellow 100CSS-064
Purple 100 CSS-065