Signata™ CT-5




Automation from Concept to Commercialization for Filling of Cryovials and Cryobags

A new system that allows the user to incorporate aspects of automation early without eliminating critical flexibility during process development.

The Sexton Signata CT-5™ brings multiple processes traditionally performed by manual techniques under a higher level of control to protect your products from loss or contamination.

Move solutions from one unit operation to the next in a functionally closed manner with the following features:

  • Use in Class 7 or 8 environments
  • Fill into ready-to-use CellSeal cryogenic vials or cryobags
  • Flexibility for user-defined final containers
  • Capable of mixing to formulate and fill in a single processing step
  • Electronic batch records for GMP manufacturing
  • Passive cooling to protect your product
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Accurate volume delivery

Fill into cryovials or cyrobags

The Signata CT-5™ is the only system designed for semi-automated filling into both cryobags and cryogenic vials. Fill directly into ready-to-use CellSeal cryovials or cryobags, or weld multiple bags onto the fill sets according to your need. Combine different containers to allow for QC or retention samples.

Signata ct-5 final fill chart

Final Formulation

Combine formulation and final fill into one automated processing step. Add final components such as cryopreservative into a passively chilled mixing bag to reduce time at room temperature during the fill process.

Signata CT-5-Final-Formulation

Media Formulation

Mix media from up to three sources and fill into aliquots ready to be used in your manufacturing processes.

Signata CT-5 Media Formulation